Photo Journal : Salton Sea, California

Salton Sea Sunset Birds

Photo Journal : Salton Sea, California

The Salton Sea defies traditional rules of tourism. This perfectly curated paradise is now a fading destination that plays mind-bending tricks on your senses.

Irrigation runoff oversaturated this stagnant and manmade sea, creating a wonderful yet deadly salt bath. The salinity suffocated marine life causing fish to float to shore where the sun-bleached bones disintegrate to a chalky and crunchy sand. Wafts of rotting remains fill the calm air, amplified by the heat and intense sunlight. The water is heavy with salt and lays flat and reflective. The horizon seems to disappear into itself. There is an unnatural stillness to the air, a vacuum of sound, and very little life. Yet, with all the arguably offensive characteristics of the Salton Sea, it remains a gorgeous and fleeting destination with a cult following.

California Salton Sea Birds

Salton Sea Serene Landscape

Salton Sea California Landscape

Salton Sea Landscape Rocks

Salton Sea Chair Sunset

Salton Sea Decay House

Salton Sea Mountain

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