International Fried Eggs

International Fried Eggs

It’s funny how much emotion one picture can evoke. The first picture I took during our Central American adventure was of my breakfast. We arrived in Nicaragua late. Immediately took a taxi to our hostel, had a celebratory drink and fell asleep after 24 hours of travel. We woke to explore a brand new city, innocent and fresh, lacking any signs of a weathered traveller. We didn’t have a tan, our clothes were crisp and clean. We were well groomed and probably more noticeable than the rest, we were lost in our surroundings.

We had taken the easy route that morning and went to a well known breakfast joint that was recommended by our travel guide. We sat on the balcony overlooking a magnificent old church and courtyard. We watched as locals and tourists gathered in the street to take pictures and say hello. This was the start of our journey through Nicaragua; overpriced, Americanized breakfast on a touristy street in Grenada. We sat there and planned out the next few days of our trip. That feeling of being lost in another country, free to roam, and detached from technology enough to feel isolated in the right ways, that’s the feeling you become addicted to. What stands out to me is that I thought to take a picture of my breakfast. It’s not even a good picture, and the meal wasn’t even that great. But I look at that picture now, and I don’t see food. I feel the excitement that I was clinging to that morning in Grenada. My chest tightens a little and I feel like I need another morning like that, the start of another great adventure. All of this because I decided to take a picture of my salty beans and fried eggs.

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