Street food is cuisine at its most authentic. There are no industrial sized kitchens or classically trained chefs. Usually, someone sits behind a small metal cart stuffing some delicious mixture into an edible shell or shoving something on a stick. Shwarmas, tacos, papas rellenos, empanadas, meat skewers, ceviche… One thing is certain, If it’s served from a roadside cart, it’s almost guaranteed to be delicious.


After a long and stressful struggle trying to make authentic salsa rojo, we learned one very important lesson. Every recipe revolves around the ingredients and the technique.

Thoughts on Ingredients + Technique

Having the proper ingredients for your recipe is crucial. When you start compromising and substituting ingredients you lose the essence of the dish. Be mindful of a dish’s origins. Bouillabaisse, Gazpacho, and Ratatouille. They were all born out of necessity. Created by someone making due with what was available. Often, the techniques chosen to make a dish were used to overcome the poor quality of the food available. Meddling with a dish and trying to make it more difficult than it needs to be starts to compromise the authenticity of the dish. Keep it simple. Enjoy

Recipes for an authentic salsa verde are hard to come by. Many are culturally dishonest and loaded with ingredients you would never find at a street-side taco stand or Mexican kitchen. Here is our take on this classic green salsa. INGREDIENTS: 3 Jalapeno 2 Serrano 1 Geen Pepper 1 Garlic Clove 1 Lime (juiced) Mexican Oregano (pinch) Salt (pinch) PREPARATION: Grill the Peppers : This can be done on a grill or directly on your stove’s gas or electric burner. Place the peppers over...

Quietly tucked away on the southeastern shore of Cambodia, is the town of Kep. This seaside town once bustled with Cambodia’s elite. As home to country’s intelligentsia, the town's wealth and excesses naturally became the target of the Khmer Rouge in the 1970s. Dilapitated mansions riddle the mountainsides and stand as a monument to Kep’s former glory. Today they provide a surreal backdrop to this lazy fishing village. At the heart of Kep is a vibrant market that has given this...