Prepare for Arrival

Calm Before the Storm

Prepare for Arrival

This is the calm before the storm. An hour and 45 minutes from landing. I just woke up from an uncomfortable and fidgety nap in cramped economy seats. It’s 1:23 AM back home, but the early morning light is crisp and glowing outside my oval window.

We are currently gliding 34,000 feet above the English Channel, just south of Winchester. 691 miles until Venice. 691 micro-moments that fill themselves with excitement and anticipation. I watch as our pixelated airplane slowly repositions itself on my seat-back monitor and I can’t help but feel like I am already running out of time on the ground.

It’s in these purgatorial moments when the reality of where you are on a map begins to sink in – even if it is technically nowhere. It’s in these fleeting, adrenaline-filled, yet somehow forgettable, final minutes that the destination becomes a reality. When you can begin to enjoy the effects and indulge in the gluttonous emotions that accompany soaring through clouds just minutes away from touching down in a place you’ve only ever visited through photographs.

The airplane icon now hovers above Paris and I begin the ritual of gathering and packing my belongings and preparing myself for arrival. I’ve never been to Paris, but from my view it looks exactly like the English Channel. Nevertheless, it’s beautiful here.

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