9 Gorgeous Beach Backdrops from Around the World

Tulum Beach Sunrise

9 Gorgeous Beach Backdrops from Around the World

Here is a list of stunning coastlines to help inspire your next beach getaway!

1: Ceningan – Bali / Indonesia

Ceningan Island Indonesia

Ceningan is a beautiful and less touristed island paradise off the coast of Bali, Indonesia. Rent scooters, explore the deserted beaches, lounge at quaint beach clubs, and cross the famed yellow bridge to Nusa Lembongan.

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2: Maya Bay – Thailand

Maya Bay Beach Thailand

An absolute paradise in every possible sense of the word. Travel restrictions are making this sough-after destination more difficult to visit, and for good reason – the local coral reefs were being destroyed by poorly run tour companies. Find a sustainable tour guide, keep a safe distance, and witness the otherworldly limestone crags shoot up from crystal clear waters and powdery white sands.

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3: Betty’s Bay – South Africa

South Africa Bettys Bay Beach 2

Shipwrecks, penguins, and stunning landscapes make the Betty’s Bay coastline and absolute must-see while on the Garden Route in South Africa. The surrounding mountains and colorful homes add a stunning backdrop to an already beautiful beach.

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4: Elafonisi – Crete / Greece

Elafonisi Beach Crete

Pink sands and turquoise waters lead you to the heavily touristed Elafonisi beach in Crete. The mountain drive through tiny Greek towns makes the trip itself a worthwhile adventure, but make sure you plan enough time to explore the area and lounge on the technicolor coastline.

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5: Cape Town – South Africa

South Africa Beach

South Africa is a tricky country to navigate, generally warning tourists of high crime and dangerous townships, but the landscape here is unlike anywhere else in the world. Cape Town itself is stunning, Kalk Bay is worth a visit, and the Garden Route is spectacular. There is so much to offer here, before you even get to the wild life and big game!

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6: Bali – Indonesia

Bali is popular for a reason. The endless beaches, tropical weather, and island vibes are unbeatable. Just be careful to avoid the tourist trap of Kuta beach and head toward less developed and more casual beaches. Seminyak offers a nicer version of Kuta Beach, but don’t spend all your time here. Head to the East coast and island hop!

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7: Perth – Australia

Perth isn’t necessarily a tourist hot-spot in Australia, which makes it a great getaway. Sprawling white sand beaches, a calm coastal charm, and endless outdoor actives are at your disposal. Make sure to explore the beautiful wine country of Swan Valley and try the numerous wineries and eateries.

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8: Tortola – US Virgin Islands

Tortola USVI

Each island in the US and British Virgin Islands has a unique charm and personality. Tortola offers just enough infrastructure to keep a burger in your belly and cocktail in your hand, but lacks the overwhelming crows you might find in Red Hook. The scenery is breathtaking and the beaches are definitely worth a visit.

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9: Tulum – Mexico

Tulum Beach Sunrise

An absolute gem in the Yucatan peninsula. Unfortunately, the popularity of this trending town is forcing it to lose some character. While you can still find a great blend of street food and local attractions in the downtown area, the beaches have been taken over by boutique hotels and pricey shops (which offer unbeatable luxury and a picture-perfect backdrop.) Five years ago, this was true Mexican paradise. Slow the transformation by eating at mom-and-pop restaurants, staying at locally-run establishments, and supporting the local culture.

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