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  • Street markets in foreign countries provide a rare and authentic glimpse into the culture and the habits of the local pe...

  • This is the calm before the storm. An hour and 45 minutes from landing. I just woke up from an uncomfortable and fidgety...

  • Resorts have a tendency of detaching you from a destination. They purposefully seclude guests in an effort to predict an...

  • If you’re going to travel, it’s inevitable that you are going to collect and lose things along the way. Admi...


How It All Started

“I’ve been running away for as long as I can remember. I used to escape to the woods, now I wander the world.”


This was my chance. I made a plan. I would pack a bag, and I would hit the road. This would be the beginning of a lifelong obsession with wanderlust and running away.


Wanderlust and Running Away : How It All Started
  • Why is Guatemala so captivating? There is something about it that grabs you and pulls yo...

  • Nicaragua is the latest must see destination. In the last few years it has made regular ...

  • Most Isla Holbox Field Guides will tell you about beaches and flamingos. But for most tr...

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